Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks spent most of his career as an IT Systems Developer / Project Manager within a large Australian law enforcement agency.

He also managed an IT audit program for that agency.

In recent years he has been especially interested in economics and the global financial system.

He now knows a lot more about the ‘Great Philosophers’ following his C-12 experience.

The first member: Jean-Loup Agache

Jean-loup Agache spent his whole career in the French territorial administration, for the main part as an official in charge of public investment.

He usually manages architects and engineers in the field of public buildings construction, such as schools, museums, public offices, and, more recently, fire stations.

As a CEO, Jean-loup has extensive experience in the areas of organization, management, and project management of complex programs.

He is particularly interested in all aspects of intelligence, and supports research in this area by actively participating in the international contests organized by the Cerebrals Society.